With this club comes great freedom and allowing you to train and practice in a manner that suits you. No more rules for the sake of rules or restrictions that are a result of institutional inbreeding within the shooting range industry. With this great freedom comes great accountability. We will not deal with unsafe acts, horseplay, doing things that are not realistic or serve a purpose and basically anything else other than mature responsible training and practicing with your firearm. You want to draw from concealment or a duty holster, shoot while moving, shoot as fast as you can responsibly and effectively handle your firearm, run from firing position to firing position, layout the targets how you want to based on your training needs, utilize both steel and paper targets, not have a young RSO who loves power and is looking at the next person to bark orders at, etc etc?.....Well, you have come to the right place. Not only do we allow the above actions, we encourage them!‚Äč

Many of you go to the range to train with your firearm to become proficient with your tool so that should you ever, god forbid, have a need to defend yourself or your family, you are ready and prepared. For the competitors in the crowd, you come to the range to train yourself to win and practice in a manner that is consistent in how you will compete......so why in the world is it so hard to find a range that will allow you to do so?
A lot of it stems from liability and ranges being uber scared for the slightest thing to go wrong. Firearms training by its very nature is dangerous, but so is driving and many other things in life. That doesn't mean because you have the occasional person who does unsafe actions or acts irresponsibly that everyone has to be punished, you are a grown ass adult and responsible for yourself. Having such overbearing restrictions on other types of hobbies would be like going to the gym to practice basketball......but you are not allowed to dribble. Now granted, basketball isn't quite the same as shooting a gun, but you catch my drift. The key here is that you are SAFE. That is our number one rule and will be enforced strictly!